IU 3rd Full Album ‘Modern Times + Modern Time Epilogue’ [Album]

3rd Full Album IU : Modern Times + Epilogue
Release Date : October 8, 2013

Tracklist :

1 을의 연애 (with 박주원) (Love of B)
2 누구나 비밀은 있다 (Feat. Gain of Brown Eyed Girls) (Everybody Has Secrets)
3 입술 사이 (50cm) (Between The Lips)
4 분홍신 (The Red Shoes)
5 Modern Times
6 싫은 날 (Bad Day)
7 Obliviate
8 아이야 나랑 걷자 (Feat. Choi Baekho) (Walk With Me, Girl)
9 Havana
10 우울시계 (Feat. Jonghyun of SHINee) (A Gloomy Clock)
11 한낮의 꿈 (Feat. Yang Huieun) (Daydream)
12 기다려 (Wait)
13 Voice Mail (Korean ver.)


Tracklist Epilogue :

+ See You On Friday
+ Crayon Pastel

Download 3rd Full Album IU Modern Times + Modern Time Epilogue
Download : Google Drive

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